Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Cracker Barrel - Hiring Practices

I applied for a server position at Cracker Barrel in Hamilton, NJ. Two weeks later I had an interview with one of the store managers, and a second interview one week later with Tom (Store Manager), but I had a death in my family therefore my second interview was postponed. About two weeks later I finally had my second interview with Tom, (he could not find my application therefore I spent a few minutes completing another one), and he suggested I also interview with Jim (which I found strange - 3 interviews for a server seems extreme). After three seemingly successful interviews I was given a start date of September 15, 2011, and advised I'd receive a call to confirm the date, time, and uniform prior to the start of training.

As of September 14 I had not received a phone call therefore I contacted the store and was advised by one of the night managers 4 trainees were scheduled to start the following day, but my name was not listed. After a brief conversation with him I decided to contact Tom, General Manager, the following morning. later that evening I remembered Tom informing me of the stores policy to only train four trainees at one time. In this economy, I became very discouraged and a bit upset prompting me to contact the corporate office and write this blog.

The next day I called the store for Tom, he said, he does not recall hiring me Jim must have given me a start date and once again my second completed application was nowhere insite. He agreed to find it and give me a call back. Needless to say I never heard from him again.

I would love to know the reason my application was obviously "lost" twice, and why I was given a start date if the managers had no intention of hiring me in the first place. How rude!